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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Competition Economics, Litigation

Damages estimation for unfair practices in the telecommunication market

Lear has been retained by a telecom operator to estimate damages arising from unfair commercial practices implemented by a rival. The practices result in the loss of existing and potential customers. Lear will be involved in the quantification of the damages caused by the conduct.


Damages estimation for abuse of dominance in the telecommunication market

Lear assisted one of the main operators of the Italian telecommunication market in defining and implementing an empirical approach in order to quantify the potential damages that this operator suffered due to illicit behavior of the unfair practices implemented by a rival.


Damages estimation for alleged abuse of dominance in the electricity sector

Lear assisted one of the main operators of the Italian electricity market in developing a defensive strategy against a competitor’s accusation of abuse of dominance regarding alleged illegal and oppressive requests, which eventually drove the competitor out of the market.

Competition Economics, Litigation


Lear is assisting multiple hauliers in the Italian and Slovak market in the action for damages arising from a collusive price-fixing agreement in the market for medium and heavy trucks, as established by the European Commission. Lear economists have been appointed for assessing the price overcharge caused by the cartel and for showing the lack […] Read more


Arbitration dispute in the Mexican telecom market

Tele Fácil, a Mexican telecommunication company, initiated a dispute against the Mexican telecom regulator, IFT, in relation to the implementation of an interconnection agreement negotiated with the incumbent operator, Telmex. The interconnection agreement between Tele Fácil and Telmex involved, among several elements, a very high interconnection rate for all the traffic delivered from Telmex to […] Read more


Assessment of damages caused by a breach of co-marketing agreements

Lear assisted a major insurance company in claims for damages caused by a fashion leather industry brand that did not fulfil their co-marketing contract agreements. Damages have been estimated based on a comparison between contractual terms and common market practices as well as on the estimation of the fair market value of the co-marketing agreement […] Read more

Competition Economics, Litigation

Quantifying harm from regulation in the telecom sector

Lear is assisting a telecom operator in quantifying harm that will be suffered as a result of a change of the regulated price of compulsory communication data that have to be provided to the Judiciary by law. The analysis developed by Lear aims at verifying the methodology used to determine incremental costs borne by the […] Read more