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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Competition Economics, Mergers

Vertical merger in the aerospace industry

Lear has been retained by a leading operator in the aerospace industry to assist within a merger case involving one of its rivals. Lear is tasked with showing how the merger may create the incentives for the merged entity to implement exclusionary practices.

Competition Economics

Assessment of anti-competitive effects of conditional multi-product discounts to mass-market retailers

Lear has assisted one well-known brand of non-food consumer goods, in its self-ex-ante assessment of the potential anti-competitive effects of a program of conditional multi-product discounts to mass-market retailers.

Cartels, Competition Economics

Alleged cartel in the market of corrugated cardboard sheets and boxes

Lear’s economists assisted one of leading companies in the market of corrugated cardboard sheets and boxes in proceedings before the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) for alleged price fixing conducts. Lear developed an analysis aimed at demonstrating that the evidence presented by the ICA was not sufficient to prove the effects of the investigated conducts on […] Read more

rental car

Damages estimation for potential breach of contract in the long-term car rental sector

Lear is advising a firm offering long-term car rental services, who is assessing whether to unilaterally terminate a contract with one of its clients. Lear is providing an independent estimate of the effects of the unilateral termination in terms of the amount of damages that the client could claim in the event of a unilateral […] Read more


Arbitration dispute in the Mexican market for fixed satellite services

Eutelsat, a French satellite operator, has initiated a dispute against the Mexican Government, in relation to the requirement of partially reserving its capacity on the satellites located in the orbital positions assigned to Mexico for the free and exclusive use of the Government.

Competition Economics, Litigation

Damages estimation for unfair practices in the telecommunication market

Lear has been retained by a telecom operator to estimate damages arising from unfair commercial practices implemented by a rival. The practices result in the loss of existing and potential customers. Lear will be involved in the quantification of the damages caused by the conduct.

Technical assistance

Capacity Building for the Albanian Competition Authority

Lear is implementing a technical assistance project funded by the EBRD for the Albanian Competition Authority (“ACA”). The project aims at strengthening ACA’s advocacy role in the country as well as the skills and competencies of its officials and case handlers, through the following activities: (1) preparation and promotion of a long-term strategy for “Competition […] Read more