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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Damage quantification for a major football team

Lear is assisting Milan A.C. in the damages action against three media agencies who, according to a decision by the Italian Competition Authority, coordinated their bids for the tender for the broadcasting rights of Italian football matches abroad. Lear is also assisting the Lega Serie A , the top Italian football league, in the same […] Read more


Unfair commercial practices in the banking sector

Lear assisted Deutsch Bank in lodging an appeal against a decision of the AGCM who sanctioned the bank for an unfair practice in the provision of investment services to retail customers. In setting the sanction, the AGCM took into account the alleged harm caused by the illegal practice. Lear’s submission shows that the damage estimation […] Read more


Damage assessment in a margin squeeze case

Lear has been appointed by one of the main mobile and fixed telecom operators to support it in the appeal against a judgement of the Court of Milan who condemned it to pay damages for around € 54 mln. Paolo Buccirossi acted as the party’s economic expert to work along the court appointed expert to […] Read more


Dispute in the market for cleaning services

Lear is assisting a company active in the cleaning services market in a damages action initiated by one of its competitors. The action follows an investigation by the Italian Competition Authority which had found that four companies active in this market had coordinated their bidding behaviour in tenders organized by the government to secure cleaning […] Read more


Dispute in the cement and concrete markets

Lear is assisting a major producer of cement and concrete in damages claims brought by upstream and downstream clients. The action follows an investigation by the Italian Competition Authority which had found that companies in the market for cement had coordinated their pricing behaviour. Lear’s economists are developing analyses seeking to show that the practice […] Read more


Arbitration dispute in the Mexican market for fixed satellite services

Eutelsat, a French satellite operator, has initiated a dispute against the Mexican Government, in relation to the requirement of partially reserving its capacity on the satellites located in the orbital positions assigned to Mexico for the free and exclusive use of the Government.


Regulatory dispute in the telecommunication sector

Lear is assisting an Italian telecom operator that has filed a claim against the decisions of the sector regulatory body regarding its evaluation of the annual net costs of the Universal Service Obligation borne by the incumbent and that other telecom operators have to return. Lear’s client claims that in the past this value has […] Read more