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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Revision of the auction mechanism for the allocation of waste in Italy

Lear provided an independent economic assessment on the competitive impact of a revision of the current auction system implemented by a waste management and recycling consortium to allocate the collected material. In order to assess the compliance to competition principles, Lear delivered an economic analysis of the potential criticalities that may arise from an extension […] Read more

Policy Assessment

Evaluation support study on the EU’s framework regulating State aid for access to finance for SMEs applicable in 2014-2020

Lear, in consortium with Sheppard Mullin and DIW Berlin, has been appointed by the European Commission to carry out a study seeking to evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of the rules contained in the GBER and in the Risk Finance Guidelines, that the Commission set out for Member States to provide aid to Small and […] Read more


Damages estimation for abuse of dominance in the telecommunication market

Lear assisted one of the main operators of the Italian telecommunication market in defining and implementing an empirical approach in order to quantify the potential damages that this operator suffered due to illicit behavior of the unfair practices implemented by a rival.

Policy Assessment, Regulation

Regulatory dispute on access charges to the rail infrastructure

The new track access charge system approved by the Italian regulator (“ART”, Autorità di Regolazione Trasporti) and implemented by the Italian infrastructure manager has determined a significant increase to the fee for international passenger transport.

Cartels, Competition Economics


Lear’s economists assisted the members of ASLO (Asociatia Societatilor de Leasing Operational), i.e. the Romanian industry trade association of operating leasing companies, investigated by the Romanian Competition Council for having allegedly enabled an exchange of sensitive commercial information among its associates.


Enhancing the tribunal skills and capacity of the Public Procurement Review Body members (EBRD)

Lear, in partnership with PPG, assisted the Bosnian Public Procurement Review Body in undertaking concrete steps to improve its system of protection of rights through targeted capacity building programmes. This project was financed by the EBRD, through UK Aid funds and consisted in the preparation and delivery of a series of trainings on remedies in […] Read more


Reforming the Complaint Procedure Mechanism of the Public Procurement Review Body of Bosnia and Herzegovina (EBRD)

Lear, in partnership with PPG, provided technical assistance to the Bosnian public Procurement Review Body in the process of reforming its internal appeal review procedures. This project was financed by EBRD, through UK Aid funds, and had the goal of further strengthening PRB’s institutional framework in order to overcome its existing operational challenges and bottlenecks. […] Read more