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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Policy Assessment, Regulation

Past merger assessment in technology sector

Lear carried out a research and evaluation project for the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) looking at approaches to assessing potential theories of harm and evaluating past merger decisions in the technology sector. Lear’s report identifies which theories of harm Competition Authorities should investigate when facing a merger in the technology sector and what […] Read more


Arbitration dispute in the Mexican telecom market

Tele Fácil, a Mexican telecommunication company, has initiated a dispute against the Mexican telecom regulator, IFT, in relation to the implementation of an interconnection agreement negotiated with the incumbent operator, Telmex.

Policy Assessment, Regulation

Quantifying harm from regulation in the telecom sector

Lear is assisting a telecom operator in quantifying harm that will be suffered as a result of a change of the regulated price of compulsory communication data that have to be provided to the Judiciary by law. The analysis developed by Lear aims at verifying the methodology used to determine incremental costs borne by the […] Read more


Assessment of damages caused by a breach of co-marketing agreements

Lear is assisting a major insurance company in claims for damages caused by a fashion leather industry brand that did not fulfill their co-marketing contract agreements. Lear has been in charge of the estimation of the damages based on a comparison between contractual terms and common market practices as well as market benchmarks.


Alleged horizontal agreement in the mobile telecom market

The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) started an investigation into the retail market for mobile telecommunications services to assess whether mobile operators coordinated their strategy with reference to a change in the billing cycle for mobile services imposed by a change in regulation. More specifically, the operators have all reacted to the change in regulation in […] Read more

Competition Economics

Alleged planned obsolescence in the smartphone sector

The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) started an investigation into a leading supplier of consumer electronics, alleging that software updates for a popular smartphone model had the effect of deteriorating the device’s performance. The ICA’s allegation relied on evidence from customers’ repair requests which showed an unusual peak following the release of software updates. Lear economists […] Read more

Procurement, Technical assistance


Over the past years, Serbia has been actively engaged in the modernization of its public procurement system. Since the first Intergovernmental Conference on Serbia’s accession to the European Union, Serbia has been working on the EU integration agenda, and, in particular, on the negotiation of Chapter 5 which relates to public procurement. In 2014, Serbia […] Read more