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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Damages quantification in the football audio-visual rights market

Lear has been appointed to quantify the damage arising from an anti-competitive agreement aimed at altering the tenders for the award of audio-visual rights for the broadcasting of Italian football matches abroad. The media firms involved in the agreement were sanctioned by the Italian Competition Authority in early 2019.


Damages estimation for potential breach of contract in the long-term car rental sector

Lear advised a firm supplying long-term car rental services in assessing whether to unilaterally terminate a contract with one of its customers. Lear provided an independent estimate of the effects of the unilateral termination in terms of the amount of damages that the client would be liable for in the event of a unilateral termination […] Read more

Abuse of Dominance, Competition Economics

Assessment of potential exclusionary conduct in the Slovenian fixed telecom market

Lear, together with Analysis Mason, assisted one of the major fixed telecom operator in the Slovenian market by evaluating the potential exclusionary effects of a proposed discount wholesale scheme. The analysis was mainly aimed at assessing whether the discount could alter competition in the retail market by discriminating retail operators’ access to the scheme.

Competition Economics, Mergers

Merger assessment in the Italian grocery retailing sector

Lear assisted a leading grocery retailer in a phase II merger inquiry before the Italian Competition Authority. The analysis of Lear’s economists aimed at evaluating the risk of unilateral effects following the merger, and included the assessment of relevant product and geographic market definition and the estimation of diversion ratios based on survey data.

Competition Economics, Mergers

Vertical merger in the aerospace industry

Lear was retained by a leading operator in the aerospace industry to assist within a merger case involving one of its rivals. Lear developed analyses aimed at showing how the merger may create the incentives for the merged entity to implement exclusionary practices that would harm competition and the client.

Abuse of Dominance, Competition Economics

Assessment of anti-competitive effects of conditional multi-product discounts to mass-market retailers

Lear is assisting one well-known brand of non-food consumer goods, in its self- ex-ante assessment of the potential effects on competition of a program of conditional multi-product discounts to mass-market retailers. Lear’s analyses rely on the EU Guidance to the assessment of exclusionary conduct and take into account different theory of harms.

Cartels, Competition Economics

Alleged cartel in the market of corrugated cardboard sheets and boxes

The Italian Competition Authority has ascertained the existence of an alleged anticompetitive agreement in the market for corrugated boxes. Lear assisted International Paper in challenging the Italian Competition Authority’s decision before the Regional Administrative Tribunal of Lazio.