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1 July 2013 - Research Papers , Competition Economics, Mergers

The Effect of EU Antitrust Investigations and Fines on a Firm’s Valuation

EU antitrust investigations involve a sequence of events which affect the investigated firm’s market value. We model these relationships and estimate their impact on firms’ share prices. On average, a surprise inspection reduces a firm’s share price by 2.89%, an infringement decision reduces it by 3.57%. The Court judgments do not have a statistically significant […] Read more

1 June 2013 - Research Papers , Competition Economics, Mergers

Ex-Post Merger Evaluation in the UK Retail Market for Books

This paper empirically evaluates the price effects of the merger of two major book retail chains in the UK: Waterstone’s and Ottakar’s. We employ differences-in-differences techniques and use a rich dataset containing monthly scanner data information on a sample of 200 books sold in 60 stores in 50 different local markets for a period of […] Read more

23 May 2013 - Lear Competition Notes , Abuse of Dominance, Competition Economics, Cooperation and Vertical Agreements

Vertical Restraints in Electronic Commerce: an economic perspective

Vertical Restraints (VRs) are commonly defined as agreements between two parties at different levels of the supply chain. These agreements might be driven by efficiency reasons but could also lead to anti-competitive effects. In the past decade, the development of electronic commerce has raised new issues concerning the dynamics underpinning competition in the digital environment […] Read more

The impact of Competition Policy on Productivity Growth
22 April 2013 - Presentations

The impact of Competition Policy on Productivity Growth

This presentation, delivered by Paolo Buccirossi in Warsaw, evaluates the impact of competition policy on total factor productivity growth.

19 April 2013 - Presentations

Analisi economica nel vaglio di ammissibilità di un’azione di classe

Questa presentazione valuta come  il contributo dell’analisi economica può fornire indicazioni su omogeneità della classe e assenza di conflitti di interesse.  

27 February 2013 - Presentations

Vertical Restraints in e-commerce

Should we change the economic framework and the legal approach to vertical restraints? An assessment by Paolo Buccirossi.

12 February 2013 - Lear Competition Notes , Competition Economics, Mergers

Merger screen and the use of price pressure test

Mergers between competitors might generate relevant anti-competitive effects. Therefore, competition authorities need effective tests to make a preliminary assessment of the likelihood of unilateral effects of horizontal mergers. These tests are usually based on market shares and rely on the definition of the relevant market. However, in some market settings, this approach might fail to […] Read more