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3 June 2019 - Research Papers , Digitalmarkets, Mergers, Policy evaluation

Ex-post Assessment of Merger Control Decisions in Digital Markets

The Competition and Markets Authority appointed Lear to carry out a study aimed at looking at four past merger decisions in the digital sector taken by the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission (jointly, the “Authorities”). The objective of the study was threefold: ▪ review merger cases undertaken by Competition Authorities and the […] Read more

31 July 2018 - Research Papers , Advocacy, Competition law, Competition Policy

Western Balkans and the Design of Effective Competition Law: The Role of Economic, Institutional and Cultural Characteristics

The paper analyzes the optimal design of competition law in Western Balkan countries. It first identifies the “policy choice set”, i.e. the essential variables that define a competition policy regime; then considers how the optimal choice within the available options depends on a number of characteristics and finally examines where the Western Balkan economies stand […] Read more

4 May 2018 - Articles , Antitrust, Competition Economics, Mergers

Concorrenza, mercato e diritto dei consumatori

The volume aims at providing a comprehensive view on competition law and consumer protection, also in light of the most recent case law. The volume also looks at the interaction between law and economics when it comes to competition matters. Paolo and Salvatore have written two chapters, one on the role of economics in merger […] Read more

15 November 2017 - Articles , Abuse of Dominance, Damages, Telecoms

Claims for damages due to abuse of dominance rely heavily on identifying the correct counterfactual case

This article, jointly written with Analysys Mason, highlights the importance of defining an appropriate counterfactual scenario when quantifying damages arising from an abuse of dominance position by an incumbent operator in the telecoms markets. Download the article

11 July 2017 - Research Papers , Competition Economics, Competition Policy, Policy Assessments, Telecoms

Economic impact of competition policy enforcement on the functioning of telecoms markets in the EU

The report empirically investigates the causal effects of three decisions adopted by the European Commission on the performance of telecoms markets, namely the T-Mobile/Orange merger in the UK mobile markets, a state aid decision in the German fixed broadband market and an abuse of dominant position by Telekomunikacja Polska in the Polish fixed market. The […] Read more

18 November 2016 - Presentations , Competition Economics, Mergers

The effect of retail mergers on variety: An ex-post evaluation

This presentation includes a qualitative and a quantitative analysis and examines the effect of the mergers on different dimensions of competition: price, product variety, provision of qualitative and ancillary services.

8 September 2016 - Lear Competition Notes , State Aid

Aiuti di Stato e analisi economica: Il caso dei decoder

Con la sentenza n. 2897/2016 il Tribunale di Roma ha accolto il ricorso di Mediaset contro il provvedimento con cui il Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico aveva ordinato la restituzione di un aiuto di stato illegale, di cui l’azienda aveva beneficiato nel biennio 2004-2005. Nel dicembre 2003, in particolare, il governo italiano aveva approvato il finanziamento […] Read more