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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Technical assistance

Increasing the Effectiveness of Competition Advocacy

Lear provided technical assistance services to the Jamaica’s Fair Trading Commission (“FTC”) to strengthen its competition advocacy strategy. Key steps of the projects have been: an extensive review of all past advocacy efforts carried out by the FTC since 2005; a review of international best practices; a comprehensive stakeholders’ consultation, in two waves: first, an […] Read more

Technical assistance, Training


During the past year, Lear has carried out a capacity building project for the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) in Bulgaria. The project, sponsored by the EBRD, was aimed at strengthening the skills of the CPC officials on competition law enforcement and public procurement. Lear has delivered seven classroom based trainings on the enforcement […] Read more

Procurement, Technical assistance


Over the past years, Serbia has been actively engaged in the modernization of its public procurement system. Since the first Intergovernmental Conference on Serbia’s accession to the European Union, Serbia has been working on the EU integration agenda, and, in particular, on the negotiation of Chapter 5 which relates to public procurement. In 2014, Serbia […] Read more

Procurement, Technical assistance

Technical assistance project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Joining the European Union is one of the strategic priority of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The alignment of the Bosnian public procurement system to the EU Directives is crucial in the EU accession process. As of now, there are many areas of the overall procurement process that needs further strengthening, including the […] Read more

Technical assistance

Technical assistance project in Jamaica: “Creating the framework for a merger review – competition law” (World Bank)

Lear is engaged in a new technical assistance project for the Planning Institute of Jamaica (the Client). The project is financed by the World Bank Group. The main objectives of this assignment are the following: To develop and draft new merger provisions in the Fair Competition Act (FCA) along with its supporting regulations as required. […] Read more

Technical assistance

Capacity Building for Bulgaria’s Commission on Protection of Competition (EBRD)

Lear is providing technical assistance to the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (“CPC”) to strengthen the skills and competencies of its officials and case handlers on competition law enforcement. The project aims at building the skills and knowledge necessary for officials and case handlers to perform antitrust and merger investigations in line with best […] Read more

Technical assistance

Assessment of Regulatory Obstacles to Competition in Kuwait (THE WORLD BANK GROUP)

Lear is providing technical assistance in conducting the analysis of product market regulation (PMR) in Kuwait. The project entails the analysis of the Kuwaiti economy – as aided by responses to the PMR questionnaire – to identify sectors where regulation risks stifling competition. Moreover, Lear is conducting an in-depth assessment of four sectors of the […] Read more