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Luca Coghe

Research Assistant

Luca Coghe is a Research Assistant at Lear. He graduated in 2023 with a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Economics at the University of Cambridge (UK). In 2022 he was awarded a Master of Science (MSc) in Public Policy and Management at King’s College London (UK), where he explored the role of noncognitive factors in Italy’s gender pay gap for his final work.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Banking at the University of Siena (IT) in 2021 with a focus on Economics, presenting a thesis on Italy’s integration in the European Union and the adoption of the common currency.
He is interested, in particular but not exclusively, in industrial economics, public finance and economic history.

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Luca Coghe


Via di Monserrato, 48
00186, Roma
Phone: +39 06 68 300 530
Email: luca.coghe@learlab.com


  • MPhil, in Economics, University of Cambridge 
  • Msc, in Public Policy and Management, King’s College London
  • BSc, in Economics and Banking, University of Siena