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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Technical assistance

Policymakers’ Guide to Conducting Competition Assessments in Key Markets in Rwanda (The World Bank Group)

Lear was selected by the World Bank Group to help develop a Policymakers’ Guide to Conducting Competition Assessments in Key Markets in Rwanda. This Guide includes sections addressing several issues in conducting a competition assessment, including: how to undertake economic analysis of sectors and markets; how to identify alternative policy solutions that reduce negative impact […] Read more

Technical assistance

Competition Assessment in the Retail Banking sector in GCC countries (The World Bank Group)

Lear provided technical assistance to the World Bank Group in performing a competition assessment of the retail banking sector in the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The study specifically focused on the SME segment. Lear collected information on laws, regulations and practices in the SME retail banking market in Gulf Cooperation Council countries, […] Read more

Technical assistance

Competition and Public Procurement in the Road Maintenance Sector in Moldova (EBRD)

Lear provided technical assistance to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Moldovan Competition Council. The project entailed three phases. Firstly, Lear developed and delivered a training programme for Moldovan Competition Council officials on market investigation and competitive assessment, with a specific focus on the competitive assessment of public procurement. Secondly, Lear assisted […] Read more

Technical assistance

Assessment of Regulatory Obstacles to Competition to Unlock Growth Potential in Kenya (The World Bank Group)

Lear provided consulting services for the analysis of product market regulation in Kenya. The project aimed at identifying those markets of the Kenyan economy that are currently suffering from anti-competitive regulations. Thanks to interviews with local stakeholders and interactions with the World Bank Group and the Competition Authority of Kenya, Lear’s economists gained a clear […] Read more

Technical assistance

Guidelines on anti-competitive Regulations in the Agribusiness Sector (The World Bank Group)

Lear assisted the World Bank Group in drafting a guidance note to identify anti-competitive regulations in the agribusiness sector. Through this guidance note, Lear outlined the most common anti-competitive regulations that characterize the agribusiness sector, and further provided an analytical framework to promote alternative solutions. The study was conceived as an instrument to facilitate policy […] Read more

Technical assistance

Technical Assistance on Market Definition and Merger Regulation to the Kuwait Authority for the Protection of Competition Law (The World Bank Group)

Lear’s economists were selected to provide a consultancy to develop key aspects of the competition regulatory framework in Kuwait. The project consisted in drafting a notice and guidelines on the definition of the relevant product and geographic markets as well as revising merger regulation. These instruments assist the Competition Authority of Kuwait in assessing mergers […] Read more