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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Cartels, Competition Economics

Alleged horizontal agreement in the market for long term car rentals

Lear assisted an association of companies providing long-term car rentals, investigated by the Italian Competition Authority for having allegedly enabled an exchange of sensitive and detailed commercial information among its associates. In order to rebut the allegation of the Italian Competition Authority, Lear developed a qualitative analysis centred on the level of aggregation of the […] Read more

Cartels, Competition Economics

Alleged coordinated behaviour in the market for optional services to the SEPA DD payment system

Lear assisted a major Italian bank in proceedings before the Italian Competition Authority related to the payment mechanism for the new Additional Optional Service SEDA. The allegation of the Italian Competition Authority was that eleven banks and the main banking association had coordinated to avoid a remuneration mechanism based on a multilateral interchange fee and […] Read more

Cartels, Competition Economics

Alleged cartel in the insurance market

Lear advised a major insurance company involved in a cartel investigation by the Italian Competition Authority. Lear’s analysis focused on highlighting the weaknesses of the ICA’s approach to the case, and provided evidence that the companies’ behaviour was the result of autonomous and economically rational strategies pursued by the companies. The Administrative Tribunal of Lazio […] Read more