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Some of the events, conferences, publications and projects we have worked on are listed below. Some other projects are not listed as we must respect client confidentiality in sensitive areas.

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20 October 2021 - #antitrustitaliana, #competitionlaw, #privatenforcement, #publicenforcement


The Association Antitrust Italiana will organize the IV Annual Conference on the main developments in European and Italian Competition Law.
The event will run over two days starting on 20 October 2021.
Paolo Buccirossi together with economists, legal practitioners, and enforcers will have a talk in the session on PRIVATE ENFORCEMENT: TRENDS AND CHALLENGES AFTER THE DECREE ON DAMAGES’.

More info on the programme here https://bit.ly/3auLPOh

11 October 2021 - #competitionlaw, Damages, Litigation

TAR annuls ICA’s decision and rules in favor of Wind Tre

The Administrative Tribunal of Lazio (TAR) has annulled the decision by the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) whereby telecommunications operators had been found to have breached competition law.The allegation was that operators had coordinated their strategy following the Government’s and regulator’s decision to impose a monthly billing cycle for telecommunications services, and had all agreed to comply with the new requirement by keeping their prices unchanged and refraining from granting discounts which would have spurred customer mobility. Read more

11 October 2021 - #competitionlaw, Damages, Litigation

Vodafone wins against Eutelia

Vodafone won its appeal against Eutelia in an action for damages. The case concerns an alleged margin squeeze in the market for fixed-to-mobile voice call termination services. The alleged abuse had been investigated by the Italian Competition Authority in 2007 and was closed with a commitment decision. Eutelia, a fixed operator, had sued Vodafone and asked for compensation for the damages allegedly suffered. Read more

15 July 2021 - Energy, policy evaluation, State aid

When State aid overlaps with market based mechanisms: an example from energy markets

The Lear Competition Note (LCN) discusses the existing literature on the interaction between State aid intervention that incentivizes the investment in decarbonisation technologies and the market-based mechanism relying on the European Union Emission Trading System (ETS). Now in its fourth phase, the EU ETS is often considered the most effective policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Lear Competition Note is available here
Read more on our engagments here 

2 July 2021


Lear, together with GOP, has assisted the consortium active in the sector of spent lead-acid batteries and accumulators, in its defensive strategy against the allegation of exclusionary practices and has contributed to the submission of commitments to address the competition concerns identified by the Authority. The ICA has closed the investigation without imposing sanctions.

Found out more here  
Read more on our engagement here 

1 July 2021 - EEAG, Energy, GBER, renewables, State aid


Lear, together with DIW Berlin, E.CA Economics, Sheppard Mullin and University of East Anglia, has been appointed by the European Commission to carry out a background study on State aid in the field of environmental protection and energy. The results will support the Commission in the revision of the EU Guidelines on State aid for environmental protection and energy (EEAG) as well as the respective parts of the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER). The study addressed three broad topics, structured in three separate study items. Read more

15 June 2021 - #competitionlaw, #LCF21, Antitrust


The Lear Competition Festival is officially over! We are extremely satisfied with how it turned out and we are very happy with the quality of the debate. 
The videos of the 3-day festival are available at https://bit.ly/3wqToi8

9 June 2021 - #LCF21, Antitrust, Competition, Regulation

Lear Competition Festival 2021 – Virtual Edition from 9 to11 June

The program includes:

  • 2 plenary sessions held by panels of renowned academics and practitioners
  • 1 roundtable with the chairs of National Competition Authorities from the UK, Greece and Spain
  • 4 sessions devoted to hot cases and tools for antitrust analysis, managed by LCF partners including @Dentons, @Freshfields Bruchkaus Deringer, @Orrick and @Osborne Clarke
  • 1 book presentation and ensuing discussion on the ex post evaluation of competition policy interventions
  • Presentation of the Young Talent Competition Award, a unique opportunity for young economists and lawyers rewarding the best research proposal in the competition field
  • The LCF talk, an in-depth interview with Olivier Guersent, the Director-General of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition, and Andreas Schwab, Internal Markets Committee Rapporteur at the European Parliament, conducted by our media partner PaRR

Read more

14 May 2021 - Competition Economics, digitalmarkets, Mergers

New CMA Merger Assessment Guidelines inspired by Lear’s recommendations

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has updated its Merger Assessment Guidelines to make its approach to merger assessment more in line with recent developments, especially in the digital landscape. In revising its Guidelines, the CMA paid particular attention to the role that changes in technology have been playing in shaping the way firms compete with one another. The new Guidelines are built on Lear’s recommendations on how to approach the assessment of digital mergers included in the “Ex-post Assessment of Merger Control Decisions in Digital Markets” report. These recommendations were broadly meant to address the risk of under-enforcement in digital markets. Read more

6 May 2021 - #competitionlaw, Antitrust, awards

Work undertaken by Lear economists selected for the 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards

We are pleased to announce that work undertaken by Lear economists has been selected for the 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards by the George Washington University and Concurrences.

The first nomination has been received in the category of Best Soft Law writings for the Competition Advocacy and Communication Strategy that Lear prepared for the Albanian Competition Authority as part of a wider technical assistance project financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

You can vote for Lear using this link

The second nomination is in the category of Best Academic writings, for the article Merger Policy in Digital Markets: an Ex-post Assessment published in the Journal of Competition Law & Economics in 2020. The paper presents a retrospective evaluation of pivotal merger control decisions in the digital sector, including Facebook/Instagram and Google/Waze.

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