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Competition Economics

At Lear, we support companies and their legal advisers in the ex-ante assessment of the competitive implications of mergers, acquisitions, agreements and unilateral conduct. We provide expert advice and testimony during proceedings with competition authorities for alleged breaches of antitrust legislation. We analyze and assess on behalf of our clients the economic merits of allegations of foreclosure and exclusionary conduct, tying and bundling, vertical restraints, collusive behavior, abuse of collective dominance, and anticompetitive pricing.
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We provide litigation support and perform damage assessments in the event of IP or trademark infringements, breach of contracts and anticompetitive practices. We assist companies during regulatory reviews and proceedings. We advise companies and their legal advisers on how to design contracts effectively by helping them to understand and adapt to competitive pressures, market structure, regulatory obligations and legal constraints.
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Policy Assessment

We assist governments, authorities and public institutions in evaluating the effectiveness of public policies and their impact on social welfare. We evaluate the most appropriate methodology, collect data and information, and perform a wide range of analyses including cost-benefit analysis. We draw up conclusions on the strengths and weaknesses of a specific policy and suggest how to overcome such weaknesses.
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We provide assistance on regulatory matters concerning a number of sectors, including telecommunications and media, energy, transports and financial services. We help drafting replies to consultation documents of regulatory authorities. We perform economic analysis to address sector policies and proceedings before regulatory and competition authorities. We finally assess firms’ current compliance to regulatory provisions.
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Technical Assistance

We also routinely undertake research and technical assistance projects for competition authorities, regulators, IFIs and NGOs. We design more effective institutional arrangements for countries and more efficient sets of laws and regulations. We undertake research projects, policy evaluations and regulatory impact assessments for regulatory agencies, trade associations and public institutions on topics ranging from competition economics to procurement from consumer protection to market regulation.
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Furthermore, we organize workshops, seminars and training courses for lawyers, judges, executives practitioners and public officials who want to improve their knowledge of antitrust, regulation and procurement.
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  • Established in 1999
  • Office in Rome
  • Expertise: Economics
  • Main focus: Competition and Regulation
  • Target: Antitrust Authorities, Companies, International Organizations, Law Firms, Policy Makers, Regulators, International Financial Institutions

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The name “Lear” stands for “Laboratory of economics, antitrust and regulation” and the acronym is short, direct and has connotations in many languages. Or you may think there is a relationship with the famous play “King Lear” by Shakespeare, which is always engaging. Sometimes, private entrepreneurship may require a touch of madness.

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How do you pronounce Lear?
This is how we do: /lεar/