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Disputes for IP and trademark infringements, breaches of contract, financial crimes, fraud or anticompetitive practices are becoming more and more frequent. Economic analysis often plays an important role in such disputes as it helps to estimate damages, address liability, develop optimal litigation strategies and design settlement options.

With our knowledge of micro-economic theory, modeling tools and econometric techniques we support firms and their legal advisers in managing these disputes effectively. We advise our clients during every stage of a contested matter, from strategy development and data gathering, to cross-examination, damages analysis and settlement services.

We provide oral and written witness statements, evaluate the economic and financial consequences of the disputed practices, and employ both simple and sophisticated quantitative methods to determine the relevant “but-for” scenario against which to compare the actual outcome and assess damages.

We are expert in litigation settings arising from breaches of competition law in a wide variety of markets. Relevant examples of our work include: defending a producer of packaging materials sued for damages following a decision on a cartel; supporting a major airport service provider in a court case which arose due to the level of its tariffs; defending a firm sued for damages following an EU decision on a cartel in the chemical sector; providing a witness statement for a major telecoms operator which challenged the Italian Government in court on the imposition of a turnover contribution; defending a telecoms company against numerous requests for damages due to discriminatory practices; supporting a media company in seeking compensation for damages suffered following unauthorized on-line diffusion of its contents.

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Latest Engagements

Dispute in the market for maritime freight transport – ongoing

Lear is assisting Moby and CIN, which is fully owned by Moby, in a claim brought on by Grimaldi on the basis of an exclusionary abuse. Lear has analysed the damage compensation produced by Grimaldi, and has developed an in-depth critique, highlighting how the methodology used to estimate the damages incurred by Grimaldi have been […] Read more

Damages estimation for unfair practices in the retail mobile telecommunication market

Lear has assisted a leading firm, active in the retail and wholesale mobile telecommunication market, in the estimation of the damages caused by the unjustified refusal to provide certain services and inputs in the upstream market by one of its suppliers. Lear has developed an effective model aimed at quantifying the damages that this refusal […] Read more

Damage assessment for a breach of contract in the telecom market – ongoing

Lear is assisting a leading telecom operator in its action for damages arising from the early termination of an agreement that allowed it to distribute an OTT streaming service operated by a web platform. The withdrawal decision was made by the platform contextually to its entering into an exclusive agreement with the Italian telecom incumbent […] Read more

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