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Technical assistance

Lear’s economists routinely undertake research and technical assistance projects for competition authorities, regulators, IFIs and NGOs. These include: the European Commission (DG Comp and DG EcFin), the World Bank Group, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the UK Competition and Markets Authority, the European Parliament,  the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM), the Dutch Competition Authority (ACM) and the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition (ÙOHS).

Technical assistance comprises a range of activities aimed at helping countries develop more effective institutions and more efficient sets of laws and regulations – so as to ensure that markets work well and that institutions have the necessary power and skillset to govern them where needed. At Lear we undertake research projects, policy evaluations and regulatory impact assessments for regulatory agencies, trade associations and public institutions on topics ranging from competition policy to procurement from consumer protection to market regulation.

The activities that Lear typically undertakes within a technical assistance projects include inter alia:

  • Sector- specific competition assessments
  • Assessments of public procurement systems
  • Drafting new regulatory frameworks and/or proposals for its modernization
  • Drafting recommendations, action plans and policy guidelines on competition and public procurement based on international best practices
  • Training of officials on competition economics, market regulation and procurement
  • On-field missions to interview local stakeholders
  • Liaising with local experts and participation to advocacy workshops





Latest Engagements

Technical assistance for the Armenian Competition Protection Commission – ongoing

Lear has been appointed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to provide technical assistance to the Armenian Competition Protection Commission (“CPC RA”). The project, funded by the European Union, aims at supporting the institutional development, policy enforcement capacity, and advocacy activities of the CPC RA; it will be a comprehensive capacity building programme […] Read more

Capacity Building for the Albanian Competition Authority

Lear is implementing a technical assistance project funded by the EBRD for the Albanian Competition Authority (“ACA”). The project aims at strengthening ACA’s advocacy role in the country as well as the skills and competencies of its officials and case handlers, through the following activities: (1) preparation and promotion of a long-term strategy for “Competition […] Read more

Increasing the Effectiveness of Competition Advocacy

Lear provided technical assistance to the Jamaican Fair Trading Commission, the local competition agency, to increase the effectiveness of competition advocacy in the country. The main milestones of the projects were: to review the international best practices and to assess the effectiveness of the Fair Trading Commission’s advocacy interventions; to propose recommendations and outline appropriate […] Read more

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