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About Us

Tailored solutions in economics

Lear is a specialized economic consultancy that strives to offer a wide range of services in the field of competition policy,  regulation and  procurement.

Economics can provide the answers to many complex legal, regulatory and contractual issues. That is why we leverage on our in-depth technical knowledge to provide tailored solutions that are rigorous, clear and successful. We use micro-economic and quantitative tools and support our consulting activities with in-house research to help clients reach better business decisions.

Lear was founded in 1999 and was the first Italian competition economics consultancy.

In 2000, Lear won its first project outside Italy and cooperated with the Working Group on Fines of the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) in the review of the “Working instructions for fines”. Today the NMa’s policy on fines is considered an example in all EU Member States.

Since 2005, the Global Competition Review (GCR) has listed Lear as one of the top 20 economics consultancies in the world.

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  • Established in 1999
  • Office in Rome
  • Expertise: Economics
  • Main focus: Competition, Regulation and Procurement
  • Target: Antitrust Authorities, Companies, Law Firms, Policy Makers, Regulators, International Financial Institutions

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The name “Lear” stands for “Laboratory of economics, antitrust and regulation” and the acronym is short, direct and has connotations in many languages. Or you may think there is a relationship with the famous play “King Lear” by Shakespeare, which is always engaging. Sometimes, private entrepreneurship may require a touch of madness.

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How do you pronounce Lear?
This is how we do: /lεar/