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Procurement is the process of purchasing goods, services and works for a group of stakeholders, maximizing the value for money and the efficiency of the purchasing activity. Although private and public organizations have some procurement similarities, the differences often stand out, mainly in terms of funding, processes, procedures and legislations that are subject to.

At Lear, our consultants and our wide network of external experts are able to satisfy Clients’ needs in the private and public sector in nearly any aspects of procurement at both national and international level.

We offer the following consultancy services to our Clients:

  • Drafting new regulatory frameworks and/or proposals for its modernization
  • Assistance in the implementation of procurement and concessions legislation.
  • Policy evaluations and regulatory impact assessments for regulatory agencies and public institutions on public procurement
  • Preparation of recommendations, actions plans, procurement policies and guidelines on procurement also based on international best practices
  • Targeted procurement implementation advisory services:
    • For contracting authorities: preparation of tender documents; design and launch of tenders; technical and financial evaluation of tenders; and contract management.
    • For bidders in all industries: drafting of consortium agreements and subcontracting agreements; preparation of tender proposals; assistance in contract negotiation and management as well as procurement disputes and litigation.
  • Review and evaluation of the current state of a private company or public administration procurement processes and provision of recommendations for improvements
  • Evaluation of procurement risks and assistance in the development of effective risk management strategies
  • Organization and delivery of workshops and tailored training programmes on procurement on a variety of subjects, ranging from the optimal design of tenders to remedies and protection of rights in procurement procedures.

Lear provides all these services either in English or in Italian.

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Revision of the auction mechanism for the allocation of waste in Italy

Lear provided an independent economic assessment on the competitive impact of a revision of the current auction system implemented by a waste management and recycling consortium to allocate the collected material. In order to assess the compliance to competition principles, Lear delivered an economic analysis of the potential criticalities that may arise from an extension […] Read more

Enhancing the tribunal skills and capacity of the Public Procurement Review Body members (EBRD)

Lear, in partnership with PPG, assisted the Bosnian Public Procurement Review Body in undertaking concrete steps to improve its system of protection of rights through targeted capacity building programmes. This project was financed by the EBRD, through UK Aid funds and consisted in the preparation and delivery of a series of trainings on remedies in […] Read more

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