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Technical assistance project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Joining the European Union is one of the strategic priority of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The alignment of the Bosnian public procurement system to the EU Directives is crucial in the EU accession process. As of now, there are many areas of the overall procurement process that needs further strengthening, including the protection of rights in public procurement procedures.

Lear is currently engaged in a new technical assistance project for the Public Procurement Review Body (PRB) of BiH. This technical assistance Project will assist the PRB in undertaking concrete steps to improve its system of protection of rights through institutional strengthening and capacity building programmes. The Project entails two separate components. Although the scope of each component is different, the general outcome is the enhancement of the protection of rights system in BiH.

The first Component consists in developing a set of targeted measures to improve its institutional framework, in preparing a Compendium of Legal Complaint Cases and in designing and testing an IT solution for the digitalization of complaint appeal cases.

The second Component consists in the preparation and delivery of a dedicated training programme for the Review body members on tribunal skills and competencies, as well as an awareness training to be conducted by Review body members for the benefit of contracting entities and contractors and suppliers in the region.

Lear has been awarded both components in consortium with PPG Ltd Sarajevo and through separate procurement processes.