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Collaboration Agreements and Partnerships

Lear often liaises with leading international experts and academic advisors in order to ensure top quality work is provided to all its clients, according to the technical requirements of each project. Over the years, we have built a network of affiliated consultants that support us according to our clients’ needs. Other than Lear consultants, we can rely on the extensive expertise of our affiliates, ranging from junior to senior affiliates. This system allows Lear to maintain a high degree of flexibility and the ability to select the most suitable and specialized personnel for each assignment.

The Collaboration Agreement with Proxenter – Lear has entered into a collaboration agreement with the Center of Research in Procurements and Supply Chain (Proxenter) of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and plans to involve the latter in a number of project assignments. The Proxenter is a leading institution in the field of public procurement; it promotes the cultural and scientific debate on issues relating to public procurement, working with governments, institutions and companies. For further information on the activity of Proxenter http://www.proxenter.it/.

The partnership with the Permanent Osservatorio on Antitrust Enforcement – Lear has built a long-lasting partnership with the Osservatorio Permanente sull’Applicazione delle Regole di Concorrenza (Permanent Observatory on Antitrust Enforcement). Lear’s economists and some of the Osservatorio’s members have a track record of collaborations and joint works, ranging from short seminars and presentations to in-depth studies and reports, such as the one carried out for the European Parliament (EP) on Collective Redress in Antitrust. This type of engagements has proven successful and allowed Lear to build a close professional relationship with some of the Osservatorio’s experts. For further information on the activity of the Osservatorio http://www.osservatorioantitrust.eu/.

Lear is always looking to liaise with other institutions and consultancies for technical assistance projects. Along with our expertise in competition and regulatory economics, we are able to provide prospective partners with our experience from the several projects undertaken around the world.

Please feel free to contact us for partnership opportunities.