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Paolo at St Petersburg Conference on Global Food Supply Chains and Competition Law

The HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development and UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society will organize the “Second BRICS Competition Law Forum on Global Food Supply Chains and Competition Law” on 18 May 2016 –20 May 2016 in St Petersburg. The aim of this conference is to engage with competition authorities from BRICS countries and international academics from law and economics/sociology of markets, and contribute to a publication on “Global Food Value Chains and Competition Law”.The focus of the conference will be on how competition law should tackle the issues of distribution of the total surplus value of the chain and inequality of bargaining power in transnational supply chains.

Paolo will give a speech in the session “Global Food Value Chains, Technological Challenges and Economic Realities”.

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Date: 17 May 2016
Tag(s): Competition Economics