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In March 2019, Lear concluded the project for providing technical assistance to the Jamaica’s Fair Trading Commission (“FTC”) to strengthen its competition advocacy strategy. Key steps of the projects have been: an extensive review of all past advocacy efforts carried out by the FTC since 2005; a review of international best practices; a comprehensive stakeholders’ consultation, in two waves: first, an online survey, designed and delivered by Lear; second, a series of meetings in Kingston between Lear’s experts and local stakeholders. A wide information set has been collected and analysed regarding: the institutional framework, the perception of the FTC’s role and of specific features of its past advocacy initiatives, as well as the understanding of competition, among stakeholders and the general public. The information has been used to provide recommendations and to design a new strategy for competition advocacy, supported by a two-day training of FTC’ officials in Kingston.

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Date: 11 April 2019
Tag(s): #Advocacy #Competition, #Technicalassistance