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Competition Advocacy: a new strategy and capacity building programme for the Jamaican Fair Trading Commission

Lear is providing technical assistance to the Jamaica’s Fair Trading Commission (“FTC”) to strengthen its skills on competition advocacy. The main objectives of the assignment are to perform an assessment of the effectiveness of past FTC’s advocacy initiatives, to develop a new competition advocacy strategy and to build capacity within the FTC to pursue its advocacy objectives. The assessment of the effectiveness of past advocacy initiatives will include an analysis of the FTC’s mandate and of its role in regulated sectors, as well as of tools and strategies that FTC adopted in conducting market studies, sector enquiries and recommendations to public authorities.
The new competition advocacy strategy will have the objective to increase the likelihood that non-binding opinions and interventions be accepted by stakeholders and become a driver of competition.


Date: 6 September 2018
Tag(s): #Advocacy #Competition, #Economics, Capacity Building