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Capacity bulding to the officials of the Serbian Republic commission for protection of rights

As part of the Technical Assistance project financed by the EBRD, through UK funds, Lear’s experts are delivering targeted trainings to the staff and officials of the Republic Commission to increase and strengthen their skills and competencies.
The trainings will begin on 26th of February and will cover the following topics:
1.  Remedies in public procurement
2.  Administrative procedures and disputes
3.  Integrity and Accountability in public procurement

At the end of this capacity building programme, participants will be familiar with: the remedies available under Serbian law and EU law and their optimal management; new institutes and solutions that were introduced in Serbian General Administrative Procedure Act; and current framework associated with the control of corruption in public procurement process, being able to identify the warning signs (red flags) and opportunities to defeat systemic corruption in the short and long term.


Date: 22 February 2018
Tag(s): Capacity Building, Corruption, Public Procurement, Red Flags, Remedies