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Alleged anticompetitive agreement in the market for plasma derivates

The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) in 2018 held an investigation into Kedrion and Grifols, two providers of therapeutic products derived from human blood plasma, for their joint participation in a tender launched by the Italian Healthcare System (SSN). The ICA was concerned that the joint bid had unduly restricted competition for the award of the tender.
Lear, in assisting Grifols in the case, presented the results of preliminary analyses during a hearing held by the Case Team of the ICA on May 14th. The analyses showed that the agreement had no anticompetitive effects and that it provided  significant benefits to the SSN with respect to any reasonable counterfactual. Among the benefits, the agreement between the two firms had allowed the SSN to widen the range of therapeutic products that will be fractionated using plasma collected from national donors and owned by the SSN, as well as to increase the yield of some products; such benefits will increase the self-sufficiency of the SSN over the contract duration.