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Rome 27-28 June 2013
The Economics of Merger control
What we talk about when we talk about mergers
Lear has the pleasure to inform you that you have the opportunity to watch all the presentations of the 2013 Lear Conference “The Economics of Merger control”.

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This is a unique opportunity to gain cutting-edge debates on crucial issues in merger control!


Unilateral effects: Joseph Farrell; Chris Walters
Merger simulation vs ex-ante price pressure tests. Strengths and weaknesses of the two approaches

Coordinated effects: Leslie Marx
Discussion about recent developments in the estimation of coordinated effects of mergers. Is it possible to challenge a merger on the basis of coordinated effects? How do the European and American standard of proof diverge?

Interview with Kai-Uwe Kuhn and Massimo Motta (Newly appointed Dg Comp Chief Economist)
Insight of Massimo Motta interviewing Kai-Uwe Kuhn about mergers. Where we are and where we are going.

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