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Rome 27-28 June 2013
The Economics of Merger control
What we talk about when we talk about mergers
Every two years Lear organizes an international conference in Rome to discuss cutting-edge economic topics in the field of competition law. The fifth edition of the Lear Conference will focus on the use of economics in merger control.
The conference aims to discuss several recent developments and their major implications for competition authorities, companies and their advisers. It will cover a broad range of issues, including the assessment of unilateral and coordinated effects, the analysis of non-horizontal mergers, the role played by remedies and the ex-post review of merger decisions.

The Lear Conference will bring together the most prominent practitioners and scholars in the field with the aim to promote a thorough discussion on the crucial role that economics play in merger control.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Dennis CARLTON, University of Chicago; Martin CAVE, Competition Commission; Roberto CHIEPPA, AGCM; Miguel DE LA MANO, DG Markt; Tomaso DUSO, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics; Christian EWALD, Bundeskartellamt; Joseph FARRELL, University of California, Berkeley; Daniel HOSKEN, Federal Trade Commission; Mark IVALDI, Toulouse University; Kai-Uwe KUHN, DG Comp; Bruce LYONS, University of East Anglia; Leslie M. MARX, Duke University; Andrea PEZZOLI, AGCM; Patrick REY, University Toulouse I and many others.