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15 December 2003 - Research Papers , Abuse of Dominance, Cartels, Competition Economics, Cooperation and Vertical Agreements, Litigation, Mergers, Policy Assessments, Regulation

A Search Model Where Consumers Choose Quantity Based on Expected Price

I describe a price game in which consumers face search costs and base their quantity decision on the expected price. Because of search costs, the choice of the firm they will buy from is described by a random process. I show that the expected equilibrium price is above the monopoly price. This result does not […] Read more

15 August 2002 - Research Papers , Abuse of Dominance, Competition Economics, Mergers, Policy Assessments

Competition Policy and the Agribusiness Sector in the European Union

This paper analyses the main antitrust decisions in the agribusiness sector in Europe. First, legislation and economic principles are recalled. Then for input suppliers, farmers, manufacturers, and retailers, we give a brief presentation of the market structure and discuss the main competition concerns according to the most recent antitrust decisions. Farmers are the weakest link […] Read more

15 June 2002 - Research Papers , Cartels, Competition Economics

Indizi economici e collusione

Economic evidence and proof of a collusive agreement. I investigate whether some economic observations may contribute to prove the existence of an illegal collusive agreement. The facts analyzed are: simultaneous increase in prices, price parallelism, market shares stability, price similarity among firms when firms have different costs, price similarity among firms and products when products […] Read more

15 June 2001 - Research Papers , Cartels, Competition Economics

Parallelismo e collusione

Antitrust authorities often consider parallelism of firms’ strategies and market share stability as clues of illegal collusion in the form of concerted practices. In this paper I show that this inference may be contrary to some theoretical results. I develop a model of price competition with differentiated products in which demand and costs vary over […] Read more

15 April 2000 - Research Papers , Cartels, Competition Economics

Stock-Related Compensation and Product-Market Competition

I show that as long as the stock market has perfect foresight, profits are distributed as dividends, and incentives are paid more than once or are deferred, stock-related compensation packages are strong incentives for managers to support tacit collusive agreements in repeated oligopolies. The stock market anticipates the losses from punishment phases and discounts them […] Read more

Scelte di policy e definizione del mercato rilevante: un modello strategico
15 February 2000 - Research Papers , Abuse of Dominance, Competition Economics, Mergers

Scelte di policy e definizione del mercato rilevante: un modello strategico

Published by the Italian Competition Authority in its series Temi e problemi n. 10

14 February 2000 - Research Papers , Cartels, Competition Economics

The Effects of Leniency on Illegal Transactions: How (Not) to Fight Corruption

We study the consequences of ‘leniency’ – reduced legal sanctions for wrongdoers who spontaneously self-report to law enforcers – on corruption, drug dealing, and other forms of sequential, bilateral, illegal trade. We find that when not properly designed, leniency may be highly counterproductive. In reality leniency is typically “moderate,” in the sense of only reducing, […] Read more