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Matteo Vasca

Research Assistant

Matteo Vasca is Research assistant at Lear. He is currently concluding his MdP in Economics at Bocconi University. During his Bachelor’s degree program, he studied Industrial Organization both in theoretical and empirical courses. He worked as assistant with prof. Michele Polo (Bocconi University) on a research project in Microeconomics.
The project, financed by the Italian Fund of antiracket and antiusury of the Ministry of Interior, was aimed at assessing the efficacy of the Fund on making firms able to compete again, after having suffered from damages by criminal organizations.
His major interests in Economics are related to applied and theoretical microeconomics and Industrial Organization.

Matteo is  fluent in English and French

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Matteo Vasca


Via di Monserrato, 48
00186, Roma
Phone: +39 06 68 300 530
Email: matteo.vasca@learlab.com


  • MSc in Economic , Bocconi University
  • BSc, in Economics and Social Sciences, Bocconi University