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Some of the events, conferences, publications and projects we have worked on are listed below. Some other projects are not listed as we must respect client confidentiality in sensitive areas.

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14 November 2018 - Antitrust, Collusion, Competition Economics, Mergers

Paolo Buccirossi at ACE conference 2018

The 16th Annual ACE conference will take place at the University of Bologna from the 15th to the 16th of November 2018.
Paolo Buccirossi will take part in the discussion in the session on Italy Antitrust – Aspen Excessive Pricing in pharmaceuticals and Serbia Antitrust and in the session on Serbia Antitrust -Collusion in the market for sunflower oil.
More details on ACE Program here

4 October 2018 - Competition Economics

Italian Competition Authority’s investigation into planned obsolescence in the smartphone sector

Lear has been retained by Samsung to assist within consumer protection proceedings started by the Italian Competition Authority (ICA).
The ICA alleged that software updates for a popular smartphone model had the effect of deteriorating the device’s performance. Read more

12 July 2018 - Abuse of Dominance, Competition Economics, Maritime Transport

Alleged foreclosure in the market for maritime freight transport

Lear has assisted Moby in its appeal before the administrative court seeking to overturn the finding of the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) that Moby had abused its dominant position in the market for maritime freight transport to and from Sardinia. Read more

19 June 2018 - Cartels, Competition Economics

The Italian Competition Authority’s investigation against Kedrion and Grifols

The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) has started an investigation into Kedrion and Grifols, two providers of therapeutic products derived from human blood plasma, for their joint participation in a tender launched by the Italian Healthcare System (SSN). The ICA is concerned that the joint bid has unduly restricted competition for the award of the tender. Read more

12 June 2018 - Competition Economics, Cooperation and Vertical Agreements

Italian Competition Authority’s investigation against RadioTaxi

The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) is investigating into the top three cab dispatching companies operating in Rome – including Lear’s client Radiotaxi 3570 –  for the alleged foreclosure effects of the non-compete clause which prevents taxi drivers associated with one of the three cab dispatching companies from accepting calls for service from competitors. Read more

4 May 2018 - Competition Economics, Mergers

New publication on “ Concorrenza, mercato e diritto dei consumatori”

Paolo Buccirossi and Salvatore Nava have contributed to the volume “Concorrenza, mercato e diritto dei consumatori”. The volume aims at providing a comprehensive view on competition law and consumer protection, also in light of the most recent case law. The volume also looks at the interaction between law and economics when it comes to competition matters. Read more

7 December 2017 - Antitrust, Collusion, Competition Economics

Paolo Buccirossi at the Competition Lunch Talk – Algoritmi e Collusione

On December 11, 2017, the AAI (Associazione Antitrust Italiana) hosts the Competition Lunch Talk in Rome. Paolo Buccirossi will introduce and coordinate the discussion, where Antonio Capobianco (OECD) and Lorenzo Coppi (Compass Lexecon) will explore the risk that algorithms may dampen competition by leading to collusive outcomes that harm consumer.
Read more

4 December 2017 - Competition Economics, Mergers

Merger in the natural gas sector

Lear is assisting 2i Rete Gas, the second largest operator in the Italian market for natural gas distribution, in the notification to the Italian Competition Authority of a merger between 2i Rete Gas and Nedgia, which is being evaluated by the Italian Competition Authority. Read more

27 September 2017 - Abuse of Dominance, Competition Economics, Maritime Transport

Lear is assisting Moby for alleged abuse of dominance in the market for maritime freight transport

The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) claims that Moby/CIN is abusing its dominant position in the market for maritime freight transport to and from Sardinia, with the aim of foreclosing rivals. Read more

Planning Institute of Jamaica
8 September 2017 - Capacity Building, Competition Economics, Mergers, Training

New technical assistance project in Jamaica (World Bank)

Lear is pleased to announce a new technical assistance project for the Planning Institute of Jamaica: “Creating the framework for a merger review – competition law “. Read more

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