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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Policy Assessment, Regulation

Past merger assessment in technology sector

Lear carried out a research and evaluation project for the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) looking at approaches to assessing potential theories of harm and evaluating past merger decisions in the technology sector. Lear’s report identifies which theories of harm Competition Authorities should investigate when facing a merger in the technology sector and what […] Read more

Policy Assessment

Study on the economic impact of competition policy enforcement on the functioning of telecoms markets in the EU (European Commission – DG competition)

Lear, jointly with DIW Berlin and Analysys Mason, has been retained by DG competition to study the economic impact of competition policy enforcement in the European (“EU”) telecoms markets. The study consists of both a descriptive analysis on the evolution of competition policy enforcement and the functioning of telecoms market over the past 20 years […] Read more

Policy Assessment, Regulation

Quantifying harm from regulation in the telecom sector

Lear is assisting a telecom operator in quantifying harm that will be suffered as a result of a change of the regulated price of compulsory communication data that have to be provided to the Judiciary by law. The analysis developed by Lear aims at verifying the methodology used to determine incremental costs borne by the […] Read more

Policy Assessment, Regulation

Study on capacity remuneration mechanisms (CRMs) for an Italian industry association

Lear carried out a study, for an Italian association of electricity generators, aimed at addressing the effectiveness of the Italian capacity market in promoting supply adequacy. The research exhaustively examined the economic theory on CRMs and performed an overview of CRMs implemented across Europe. A specific focus has been provided on the capacity market of […] Read more

Policy Assessment, Regulation

Assessment of benefits of open networks deployed under state aid schemes

Lear assisted a leading regulator in the assessment of costs and benefits arising from open access requirements in the deployment of network infrastructure. In particular, Lear was responsible for designing a methodology for the assessment and for applying this to a sample of cases. The project has served to inform the design of subsidies for […] Read more

Policy Assessment, Regulation

Study on the development of the audio-visual markets and creation of original contents

Lear carried out a study, for a leading Italian broadcaster, aimed at analysing the development of the audio-visual markets, with a focus on the entry of Over-The-Top (OTT) operators. Lear analysed the regulatory asymmetry between classic broadcasters and OTTs and described the phenomenon of unauthorised use of content protected by copyright, paying particular attention to […] Read more

Policy Assessment

Ex-post evaluation of three sequential merger decisions in the Dutch grocery sector (Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets – ACM)

Lear performed a detailed quantitative assessment of the ex-post effects of three sequential merger decisions involving competing supermarkets chains. Lear’s team identified and collected all the relevant data on the affected markets and developed a methodology to assess the effect of the mergers on prices, product variety and ancillary services. One of the novelties of […] Read more