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Technical assistance

Lear’s economists routinely undertake research and technical assistance projects for competition authorities, regulators, IFIs and NGOs. These include: the European Commission (DG Comp and DG EcFin), the World Bank Group, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the UK Competition and Markets Authority, the European Parliament,  the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM), the Dutch Competition Authority (ACM) and the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition (ÙOHS).

Technical assistance comprises a range of activities aimed at helping countries develop more effective institutions and more efficient sets of laws and regulations – so as to ensure that markets work well and that institutions have the necessary power and skillset to govern them where needed. At Lear we undertake research projects, policy evaluations and regulatory impact assessments for regulatory agencies, trade associations and public institutions on topics ranging from competition policy to public procurement from consumer protection to market regulation.

The activities that Lear typically undertakes within a technical assistance projects include inter alia:

  • Sector- specific competition assessments
  • Assessments of public procurement systems
  • Drafting new regulatory frameworks and/or proposals for its modernization
  • Drafting recommendations, action plans and policy guidelines on competition and public procurement based on international best practices
  • Training of officials on competition economics, market regulation and public procurement
  • On-field missions to interview local stakeholders
  • Liaising with local experts and participation to advocacy workshops





Latest Engagements


Joining the European Union is one of the strategic priority of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (“BiH”). The alignment of the Bosnian public procurement system to the EU Directives is crucial in the EU accession process. As of now, there a many areas of the overall procurement process that needs further strengthening, including the protection of rights in public procurement procedures.
Lear is engaged in a new technical assistance project for the Public Procurement Review Body of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Client). The Project is funded by the UK Government through DFID-ICGI Fund.
The key activities of the project are to:
(i) develop a set of targeted measures aimed at optimizing the complaint process of the Client;
(ii) prepare a “Compendium of Legal Cases”; and
(iii) design and test an IT solution for the digitalization of the complaint appeal cases.

Lear has been awarded the project in consortium with PPG Ltd Sarajevo.


Lear is engaged in a new technical assistance project for the Planning Institute of Jamaica (the Client). The project is financed by the World Bank Group. The main objectives of this assignment are the following:

  • To develop and draft new merger provisions in the Fair Competition Act (FCA) along with its supporting regulations as required.
  • To ensure that the proposals reflect efficiency of merger control policy and control of unwarranted concentration of economic power so that the costs for businesses are proportionate to the expected benefits and investments in Jamaica.
  • To conduct training for the Client‘s staff and relevant stakeholders in merger and acquisition to support the implementation of the proposed amendments to the FCA, regulations and guidelines.

Lear has been awarded the project in consortium with MENNS s.p.r.l.(Belgium).

Capacity Building for Bulgaria’s Commission on Protection of Competition (EBRD)

Lear is providing technical assistance to the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (“CPC”) to strengthen the skills and competencies of its officials and case handlers on competition law enforcement. The main objective of the Assignment is to provide technical assistance to the CPC with a programme focused on the development of its technical capabilities. The assignment will aim at the delivery of a formal, classroom-based training programme combining a review of main economic and legal concepts in competition law enforcement with assessment of relevant EU case law. The training will be focused at building the necessary skills and knowledge necessary for officials and case handlers to perform antitrust and merger investigations in line with best international practice.

Enhancing the system of Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures in Serbia (THE EBRD)

Lear’s economists are currently providing technical assistance to the Serbian Republic Commission for Protection of Rights (Republic Commission) under the Programme for Enhancing Public Procurement Practices in Serbia. The expected outcome of the project is the enhancement of the system for protection of rights in public procurement procedures. Lear is assisting the Republic Commission in strengthening the professional capacity of its staff and officials as well as to increase the cooperation with other relevant complaint review bodies in Serbia and in the Western Balkan (“WB”) region.  Lear’s expert are currently carrying out the analysis of legal practices of institutions responsible for Protection of Rights in Serbia. The following activities will include: (i) the delivery of targeted training programmes to Client staff and bidders from WB; (ii) the production of a Manual on Protection of Bidders Rights in public procurement; and (iii) the establishment of a regional network of peer institutions.

Assessment of Regulatory Obstacles to Competition in Kuwait (THE WORLD BANK GROUP)

Lear is providing technical assistance in conducting the analysis of product market regulation (PMR) in Kuwait. The project entails the analysis of the Kuwaiti economy – as aided by responses to the PMR questionnaire – to identify sectors where regulation risks stifling competition. Moreover, Lear is conducting an in-depth assessment of four sectors of the Kuwaiti economy to identify anti-competitive rules and unsatisfactory market outcomes within such sectors.

Serbian Public Procurement System Action Plan (THE EBRD)

Lear’s economists are currently providing technical assistance to the Serbian Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government (MPALSG) under the Programme for Enhancing Public Procurement Practices in Serbia. Lear’s experts are conducting a review of the overall public procurement system in Serbia, from the legal and regulatory framework to the institutional system and management capacity. Based on the results of these analyses, Lear will conduct a benchmarking exercise using international best practices and, ultimately, prepare an Action plan for implementation. The latter will identify support measures to improve public procurement practices, make recommendations towards standardization needs, indicate areas requiring further capacity building and training and develop a list of guidelines for the implementation and promotion of good practices in public procurement. In the proposed Action Plan, Lear will explore possible strategies to monitor the implementation of suggested actions and evaluate the results of the reform process.


Lear is pleased to announce a new technical assistance project on behalf of the World Bank Group, for the analysis of product market regulations (PMR) in Egypt. As a first step, Lear is expected to identify those markets of the Egyptian economy that are currently suffering from anti-competitive regulations. As a second step, Lear will provide recommendations to the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA), suggesting feasible alternatives to current regulations. In addition, the work will involve the drafting of guidelines on fines and settlements and the development of a methodology to compute both direct and indirect damages due to the anticompetitive practices.

Competition and Public Procurement in the Road Maintenance Sector in Moldova (THE EBRD)

Lear provided technical assistance to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Moldovan Competition Council (CCRM). The project entailed three phases. Firstly, Lear developed and delivered a training program for CCRM officials on market investigation and competitive assessment, with a specific focus on the competitive assessment of public procurement. Secondly, Lear assisted CCRM officials in the delivery of one market inquire (including the identification of appropriate remedial actions to remove competitive restraints). Thirdly Lear assisted the CCRM in the realization of ad-hoc advocacy initiatives aimed at disseminating the results of the market assessment.

Assessment of Regulatory Obstacles to Competition to Unlock Growth Potential in Kenya (The World Bank Group)

Lear provided consulting services for the analysis of product market regulation in Kenya. The project aims at identifying those markets of the Kenyan economy that are currently suffering from anti-competitive regulations. Thanks to interviews with local stakeholders and interactions with the World Bank Group and the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK), Lear’s economist were able to gain a clear understanding on the conditions of local markets. The second phase of the project consisted in providing thought through recommendations to the CAK, suggesting feasible alternatives to current regulations and promoting their advocacy and enforcement roles.

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