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Lear provides assistance on regulatory and policy matters concerning several sectors such as telecommunications, media, energy, transport, and financial services.

The numerous activities carried out by Lear in this field include support: for replies to consultation documents from regulatory authorities; in performing economic analysis to address sector policies and proceedings before regulatory and competition and competition authorities; in technical assistance projects for international organizations; in assessing firms’ current compliance to regulatory provisions.

Our clients involve utilities, private firms, international organizations, institutions.

Our most recent projects include: assisting an industry association in the legislative procedures concerning the Italian capacity remuneration mechanism; providing technical assistance on the regulation of GCC countries’ banking sector; supporting a major TV company in the preparation of a submission to the EU on the risk of removing regulatory obligations in the pay TV market; providing advice to a leading telecoms operator in developing an imputation test to detect margin squeeze when retail services are offered in bundles; assisting a provider of airport services in the determination of the appropriate allocation of costs; helping an important media company to prepare a response to the EU consultation on the proposed regulation of access to new generation access networks and drafting a response to a consultation by the Italian Communications Authority on online content production on behalf of a major broadcaster.

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Latest Engagements

Quantifying harm from regulation in the telecom sector

Lear is assisting a telecom operator in quantifying harm that will be suffered as a result of a change of the regulated price of compulsory communication data that have to be provided to the Judiciary by law. The analysis developed by Lear aims at verifying the methodology used to determine incremental costs borne by the […] Read more

Study on capacity remuneration mechanisms (CRMs) for an Italian industry association

Lear carried out a study, for an Italian association of electricity generators, aimed at addressing the effectiveness of the Italian capacity market in promoting supply adequacy. The research exhaustively examined the economic theory on CRMs and performed an overview of CRMs implemented across Europe. A specific focus has been provided on the capacity market of […] Read more

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