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Some of the events, conferences, publications and projects we have worked on are listed below. Some other projects are not listed as we must respect client confidentiality in sensitive areas.

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23 April 2015 - Training

Paolo Buccirossi at the Trento Summer School 2015

Paolo will be a member of faculty of the Trento Summer School 2015 on Advanced EU Competition Law & Economics. Read more

20 April 2015 - Abuse of Dominance, Cartels, Competition Economics, Litigation, Mergers, Policy Assessment, Regulation, State aid

Paolo Buccirossi at AGCM for a conference on “The economic analysis in the application of competition law”

The Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) invited Paolo Buccirossi to the conference “The economic analysis in the application of competition law” that will be held on April 20. Read more

19 March 2015 - Regulation

LearTalk Energy – Highlights of the event

LearTalk Energy “Dieci anni dal Secondo Pacchetto Energia: quali prospettive per il mercato retail dell’energia elettrica italiano?” discussed, together with academics, relevant stakeholders and sector specific institutions, the development of regulations and of the level of competition of the electricity retail market in Italy. Read more

11 March 2015 - Competition Economics


By bringing together a number of experts from leading universities, authorities, law firms, governments and the private sector, the Lear Conference 2015 – Antitrust Economics 2.0 will debate a wide range of competition law cutting-edge topics, focusing on how the Internet is shaping the economic practice, the way firms compete and antitrust enforcement. Read more

25 February 2015 - Cartels, Competition Economics, Litigation

New publication by Paolo Buccirossi e Giancarlo Spagnolo

New working paper by Paolo Buccirossi and Giancarlo Spagnolo on the relationship between action for damages and leniency programs. Modern antitrust engenders a possible conflict between public and private enforcement due to the central role of Leniency Programs. Read more

20 February 2015 - Competition Economics

LEAR CONFERENCE 2015 – “ANTITRUST ECONOMICS 2.0”- Rome, 25-26 June 2015

The Conference will focus on how the development of the Internet is shaping the economic practice, the way firms compete and antitrust enforcement. Read more

13 January 2015 - Regulation

New publication by Simona Benedettini for Mercato Concorrenza Regole

Simona has published for Mercato Concorrenza Regole (Vol. XVI/2) the article “Regional rail transport: travelling towards competition?”. The paper reviews the existing regulation of the Italian public rail transportation service and proposes innovative regulatory solutions. Read more

9 January 2015 - Competition Economics, Mergers

Lear Competition Note – “Optimal Pre-Merger Notification Thresholds: An Economic Approach”

Every year, the number of mergers taking place across countries is extremely high. In order to guarantee an effective and efficient merger review regime, an economic approach in line with international best practices should be adopted in setting pre-merger notification thresholds for different countries. Read more

7 January 2015 - Competition Economics, Mergers

New publication by #Leareconomists

The Italian Antitrust Review has published a paper on Optimal Pre Merger Notification Thresholds by Paolo Buccirossi, Roberto Cervone and Chiara Riviera. Read more

17 September 2014 - Abuse of Dominance

Lear Competition Note- Price-cost test in predatory abuses: treatment of common cost and multiperiod

Price-cost tests play an essential role in the antitrust analysis of predatory abuses. Indeed, they are useful instruments to understand whether incumbents are sacrificing short terms profit to eventually foreclose rivals. Read more

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