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Some of the events, conferences, publications and projects we have worked on are listed below. Some other projects are not listed as we must respect client confidentiality in sensitive areas.

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5 May 2016 - IP rights, Media, Survey

RTI is not liable for IPR violation claimed by Fox

On 19 April 2016, the Tribunal of Torino dismissed Fox’s claims for violation of IP rights against Reti Televisive Italiane (RTI), and ordered Fox to pay the costs of the proceedings. In particular, Fox complained that the RTI channel “Premium Crime” was infringing its registered trademark “CRIME” and Fox’s IPR, generating confusion among consumers with the channel “Fox Crime”. Read more

2 May 2016 - Mergers

Elena Argentesi at the European Parliament On May 2

The European Parliament organizes the “Workshop Competition in the Food Retail Sector” and Elena Argentesi will present our recent work on “Effects of retail mergers on variety: An ex-post evaluation”.
More details on this event here
To see the report here

29 April 2016 - IP rights, Litigation, Litigation Consulting & Forensics, Media

IP rights violation RTI – Break Media

On 27 April 2016, the Tribunal of Rome published its judgement on the case between RTI and Break Media, condemning the latter to pay 115.000 Euro as compensation for IP rights violation. Read more

26 April 2016

Paolo Buccirossi at Trento Summer School 2016

Paolo Buccirossi will be a speaker at the Trento Summer School 2016 on Advanced EU Competition Law & Economics. The second edition of the Summer School is organized by the Osservatorio Permanente sull’Applicazione delle Regole di Concorrenza and will take place in Moena (Italian Dolomites) from 12th to 18th June 2016. Read more

20 April 2016 - Intellectual Property Rights

Paolo Buccirossi speaks at the seminar “Internet e Diritto”

Paolo will join a panel discussing the challenges of protecting intellectual property rights in the Internet era, organized by Associazione Osservatorio Web e Legalità together with Istituto Giuridico dello Spettacolo e dell’Informazione.

Read more

19 April 2016 - Mergers

Tomaso Duso at the E.CA Economics EXpert Forum in Berlin

Tomaso Duso presented our recent work “Effects of retail mergers on variety: An ex-post evaluation” at the 4th E.CA Economics Expert Forum held in Berlin on 15 April. The study, carried out by Tomaso jointly with Lear’s Elena Argentesi, Paolo Buccirossi and Alessia Marrazzo, assesses the impact on product variety of three mergers in the Dutch grocery sector. Read more

13 April 2016

Paolo Buccirossi speaks at the “Antitrust Economics for Judges”

The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) will host the 4th session of the course “Training of National Judges in EU Competition Law”, whereas the focus will be on damage quantification matters in the field of antitrust. This event will be held in Rome on 14-15 April 2016 . Read more

24 February 2016 - Antitrust, Cartels, Competition Economics, Insurance, Public Transport

Lear Competition Note: Non c’è da raccontare storie, serve una storia! Intese per oggetto e analisi economica

The note comments on the recent decision by the Administrative Tribunal of Lazio, which overturned the decision n. 25382 by the Italian competition authority (AGCM). The note focuses on two principles outlined by the Tribunal in its decision: Read more

22 January 2016 - Abuse of Dominance, Competition Economics, Mergers, Policy Assessment, Regulation, State aid

Lear at the European Commission for a new project in the telecoms sector

Lear, together with Analysys Mason and DIW Berlin, has been selected by DG Competition for a project on the ex-post evaluation on the “Economic impact of competition policy enforcement on the functioning of telecoms markets in the EU”. Read more

Rc Autobus
8 January 2016 - Cartels, Competition Economics

AGCM’s decision overturned by TAR

The Administrative Tribunal of Lazio has overturned the decision n. 25382 by the Italian competition authority (AGCM), whereby it was found that UnipolSai and Generali had infringed Competition Law by entering into an agreement for the provision of insurance services to local public transport companies. Read more

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