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Some of the events, conferences, publications and projects we have worked on are listed below. Some other projects are not listed as we must respect client confidentiality in sensitive areas.

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26 November 2013 - Abuse of Dominance, Cartels, Litigation

Lear Competition Note: Statistical significance and the standard of proof in antitrust damage quantification

Following the adoption of the “Practical Guide on Quantifying Harm” by the EC, Courts will increasingly be required to assess whether the econometric model submitted by the claimant meets the required standard of proof or if the model submitted by the defendant suffices for overturning the claimants’ conclusions. Read more

21 November 2013

Lear meets Contemporary Art: “Aperitivo con l’Arte” event in Rome

Tuesday December 17 Lear is holding a sculpture and painting exhibition with the aim of promoting female art on the contemporary scene.
Works by Antonella Catini and Isabella Nurigiani will be presented.

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25 October 2013 - Competition Economics, Cooperation and Vertical Agreements

Vertical Restraints for On-line Sales – background paper by Paolo Buccirossi

The full report of the “Vertical Restraints for On-line Sales” roundtable is now available online. This was part of the 2013 OECD Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy.

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17 October 2013 - Cartels, Competition Economics

The Effect of EU Antitrust Investigations and Fines on a Firm’s Valuation

New publication by #LearEconomist Luca Aguzzoni (joint with Gregor Langus and Massimo Motta).
EU antitrust investigations involve a sequence of events which affect the investigated firm’s market value. We model these relationships and estimate their impact on firms’ share prices. Read more

9 October 2013 - Competition Economics, Mergers

New publications by #Leareconomists

Two studies on the impact assessment of two merger decisions in the retailing sector, videogame and book retail chains. Read more

8 October 2013 - Competition Economics, Mergers

#LearConference2013 the video is on line

The video of the Lear Conference 2013 “The Economics of Merger control” is now available. Read more

3 July 2013 - Competition Economics, Mergers, Regulation

#LearConference2013, press release by PaRR Policy and Regulatory Report

PaRR has published specific articles on the topics covered during the event. Read more

26 June 2013

#Learconference2013 hosting the next DGComp Chief Economist

Massimo Motta, the newly appointed DGComp Chief Economist and Kai-Uwe Kuhn, the current one, will both be at the Lear Conference starting tomorrow. Read more

14 June 2013 - Competition Economics, Litigation

Paolo opens the debate on the new Directive on #antitrustdamage

The European Commission has published the long awaited proposal on a legislation on private antitrust enforcement . Read more

13 June 2013

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