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21 June 2018

ONLINE DENIGRATION: Damages quantification

Denigratory news spread through internet can seriously hurt firms. However, firms can claim damages. To this end, they have to show the extent of the damages, as well as the existence of a causal relationship between the practice and damages. This burden of proof may be satisfied with the help of economic analysis.
To determine the negative effects of denigration, it is essential to understand how reputation affects the ability of a firm to generate income. First of all, reputation affects consumers’ decisions: brand and reputation are crucial elements of a firm’s marketing strategies and often represent its most valuable assets. Read more

CAPACITY BUILDING: is it only a matter of training?
3 May 2018

CAPACITY BUILDING: is it only a matter of training?

For a better understanding of the role of investments in capacity building, it is crucial to clearly define capacity building in all its various aspects. Quite often, the notion of capacity building is associated to the idea of increasing or developing skills and competencies at an individual level, i.e. training of staff.
Capacity building is a much broader concept that should be considered from a systemic perspective, which involves different clusters, as individuals, organizations, institution and society.

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