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Here you can find the recent competition policy and public procurement projects in which Lear has been involved.

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Technical assistance

Assessment of Regulatory Obstacles to Competition to Unlock Growth Potential in Kenya (The World Bank Group)

Lear provided consulting services for the analysis of product market regulation in Kenya. The project aims at identifying those markets of the Kenyan economy that are currently suffering from anti-competitive regulations. Thanks to interviews with local stakeholders and interactions with the World Bank Group and the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK), Lear’s economist were able […] Read more

Policy Assessment

Ex-post evaluation of three sequential merger decisions in the Dutch grocery sector (Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets – ACM)

Lear has performed a detailed quantitative assessment of the ex-post effects of three sequential merger decisions involving competing supermarkets chains. Lear’s team has identified and collected all the relevant data on the affected markets and has a developed a methodology to assess the effect of the mergers on prices, product variety and ancillary services. One […] Read more


Study on capacity remuneration mechanisms (CRMs) for an Italian industry association

Lear carried out a study, for an Italian association of electricity generators, aimed at addressing the effectiveness of the Italian capacity market in promoting supply adequacy. The research exhaustively examined the economic theory on CRMs and performed an overview of CRMs implemented across Europe. A specific focus has been provided on the capacity market of […] Read more


Assessment of damages in the fixed telecom market

Lear is assisting one of the main operators of the Italian electricity markets to quantify damages arising from the interruption of a commercial partnership between Lear’s client and a telecom operator. The partnership entailed the provision of a bundled offer which included electricity and telecom fixed services. Lear economists are developing an empirical analysis to […] Read more


Assessment of damages in the steel industry

Lear assisted a company operating in the steel industry facing a damages claim due to its participation in a price-fixing agreement. Lear economists provided the defendant with a technical analysis showing that the econometric methods used for quantifying the alleged damages were in fact overly dependent on strong, unsubstantiated assumptions, this leading to an unreliable […] Read more


Assessment of damages in the trucks market

Lear is assisting multiple Italian companies in quantifying damages suffered as a consequence of the existence of a price-fixing cartel in the heavy and medium trucks market, as established by the European Commission. Lear economists have been appointed for assessing the price overcharge caused by the horizontal agreement and for showing the lack of any […] Read more


Damages quantification for violation of IP rights in the motion picture industry

Lear assisted a major film production company claiming damages for the infringement of its intellectual property rights by an Internet content provider. Lear’s economists quantified the damages suffered by the client using two alternative methods, namely the calculation of the profits lost due the infringement and the definition of the appropriate royalty that the infringer […] Read more