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Enhancing the system of Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures in Serbia (THE EBRD)

Lear’s economists provided technical assistance to the Serbian Republic Commission for Protection of Rights (Republic Commission) under the Programme for Enhancing Public Procurement Practices in Serbia. The expected outcome of the project is the enhancement of the system for protection of rights in public procurement procedures. Lear assisted the Republic Commission in strengthening the professional capacity of its staff and officials as well as to increase the cooperation with other relevant complaint review bodies in Serbia and in the Western Balkan (“WB”) region.  Lear’s expert carried out the analysis of legal practices of institutions responsible for Protection of Rights in Serbia. The project consists in: (i) the delivery of targeted training programmes to Client staff and bidders from WB; (ii) the production of a Manual on Protection of Bidders Rights in public procurement; and (iii) the establishment of a regional network of peer institutions.