Rome 27-28 June 2013
The Economics of Merger control
What we talk about when we talk about mergers

Thomas Hoehn - Imperial College Business School London

Thomas Hoehn is Visiting Professor at Imperial College Business School London where he teaches courses on IP Valuation and Strategy on the MBA and MSc programs. He was appointed Reporting Panel Member of the UK Competition Commission in 2009. From 2000 – 2009 he was a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London and led its global economics practice.

Tom specialises in the application of economic analysis to competition law, intellectual property and sport. Recently published research reviewed the role of interoperability remedies in competition policy (ECLR 2013) and the remedies practice in 400 merger clearance decisions across 30 European countries (ECLR 2010). .

Tom’s current research seeks to quantify the value of copyright in broadcasting of sport events, measures the effective life of brands, and evaluates the role of intellectual property in digital data exchanges. He was the Principal Investigator for a major TSB-funded project ‘Open Platform’, evaluating the business model of an online platform for climate data developed by IBM and the Met Office. He is an Co-investigator on the Digital Cities Exchange programme at Imperial College evaluating the scope for data exchanges and new services and the a Co-Investigator in the EPSRC funded Science of Cybersecurity Institute. .

He is a frequent panellist and conference speaker reporting on research and commenting on topical economics policy issues.